Bicycle Service Appointment

Step-by-Step Appointment


June 2020

1. Visit our Online Appointment Selection on Facebook. Click the big blue button that says “Book Now” to select date and time.

2. Your appointment will be confirmed by our staff within 24 business hours.

3. Bring your bike to the bmx bike shops adelaide on the selected date and time.

4. When you arrive, call the shop number on our door (202-780-5174) and leave your bike outside the door.

5. Stand at the bottom of the steps.

6. A shop staff member will come outside and retrieve your bike. Please remain at the bottom of the steps during this time.  Shop staff may have last minute follow up questions.

7. Shop staff will assess your bike, and email an estimate to you.

8. You must approve your estimate via phone or email before work will begin on your bicycle. 


Bicycle Pickup and Payment


1. Shop staff will contact you when your bike is ready for pickup.

2. You will set a time for pickup and payment. We are encouraging payment via card over the telephone. If you need to pay using cash, please place cash in the mailbox.

3. When you arrive at the shop, please call 202-780-5174 with your ticket number and wait at the bottom of the steps.

4. Shop staff will bring your bike outside the door and place it on the rack with your payment receipt.  

5. Retrieve your bicycle and ride healthy and safe.