Make a Contribution

COVID-19 has required Gearin’ Up to meet increased bicycle demand while also uplifting young people in the community. With your help, we can continue to grow during this uncertain time and continue to provide a safe place for youth and young adults to learn and enter the workforce.

If you have a question about getting involved or making a donation, email our Development Coordinator at

Donate Used Bicycles, Parts, & Accessories

Our community bicycle shop runs on the generous donations of used bicycles, parts, and accessories, which Gearin’ Up accepts in any condition. These in-kind donations are tax-deductible. Refurbished bicycles and parts are kept out of the landfill and given a second life through sales to people who need bikes or during youth programs, build projects, and community workshops.

Individual Donations

To donate during COVID-19, please bring bicycle items to the shop during business hours 12-6 PM and a donation tax receipt will be provided. We accept any and all bicycle related items in any condition. No appointment is needed!

Abandoned Bike Rescue

Want to organize a bike drive in your neighborhood?
Oftentimes, there are lots of bikes kept in basements or garages that, with a little TLC, could go to someone who will use them! Talk to us about designing a bicycle drive.

Want to donate abandoned bikes?
We bring our Uhaul and pick up from local partners, apartment buildings, universities, and government agencies for refurbishment at our shop. To schedule a bike pickup of 10 or more bicycles, please email

Bike Pick Up Policy 

  • Gearin’ Up staff or volunteers will come to the bikes’ location. Please provide an exact address of where the bikes are located.
  • Please alert front desk staff that a bike pick up is taking place.
  • Please alert all building occupants that a bike pick up is taking place.
  • Mark all bikes that are to be donated to Gearin’ Up with a “Donate” tag.
  • All bikes must be free of locks. If there are locks on the bikes, we cannot accept them as donations. Please have staff remove locks before the set pick up date.
  • All bikes must be in a space that is accessible to a truck or car to ensure efficient pick up.


There are many opportunities to get involved and make an immediate, long-term impact at Gearin’ Up. You can volunteer in the shop, provide mechanical expertise, fix bikes, mentor youth, lend a hand during fundraisers, take photos of youth programs, help transport bicycle donations, spread the word about Gearin’ Up in the community, and more. Email and tell us about your skills and interests.

Event Sponsorship

Local companies, bicycle shops, and individuals can support two annual events: the DC Bike Swap in the summer and our gala in the fall. Please reach out with all other sponsorship inquiries to