Shop Policies

Frequently Asked Questions / Topics

Availability of bikes for sale
We keep bikes in a variety of sizes and prices fully refurbished and ready for sale: they are all in our showroom with a blue tag on the handlebars with the price on it. Our inventory rates about every week or so. If you are looking for a particular style of bike, we encourage you to check in with us, or join the GUB volunteer crew.

Layaway Policy for Refurbished Bikes
Unfortunately, we do not offer a layaway policy for our refurbished bikes or repairs.

Trade Ins and Buying bicycles
Unfortunately, we cannot buy bikes or offer credit for trade-ins — We are always happy to give receipts for tax-deductible bike and accessory donations.

Forms of payment we accept
We accept cash, and major credit cards (Visa/MasterCard/Discover).

What you get (and don’t get) with your bike:
Any refurbished bike we sell will be safe and reliable; each one gets a full tune-up and any new parts needed. We stand behind our work (and want bikes brought back soon if something seems wrong), and include a free safety check after a few hundred miles of use (and hope bike customers will return for that even if nothing seems wrong — we like to see how our work holds up).

However, we stress that everyone is responsible for the mechanical safety and upkeep of any bike they ride, and — being used — Gearin’ Up Bicycles refurbished bikes carry no warranty from the manufacturer or from GUB as to durability or quality of materials. If a warranty or the newest technology is important to you, we are happy to refer you to one of our local bike shop partners, along with some good advice to start you off right.

It is important to us that bikes we sell are appropriate for their intended use, and the right size and fit. We will take the time to help you figure this out, and will conduct a basic bike fit. But if your intended use is racing or hard training, a new bike and a professional fitting session from one of our local bike shop partners will be your best investment.

It’s also important to us that everyone has the skills and knowledge to use their bike as much as they can, so we offer basic maintenance classes throughout the year.

Accessories and stuff you’ll need with your bike

We offer a limited selection of new accessories — the things that you’ll need to use your bike — a helmet and lock for sure; and perhaps lights, a rack, or fenders. We have some used accessories like small bags, toe-clip pedals, and seats for sale, but not used locks, lights or helmets.

Test rides:
You should test ride any bike before you buy it. Please utilize the Metropolitan Branch Trail, located 200 feet from our front door to conduct a test ride on its hills and turns. Go through shifting progressions, short and long stops. PLEASE NOTE — we will ask for a current government issued ID and a credit card or other valuable possession as collateral while on your test ride.
LAST TEST RIDES are 15 minutes before our posted closing time, so please arrive with time to give your prospective bike a proper test ride!

General Shop and Volunteer Policies

While at Gearin’ Up Bicycles please observe the following:

Be Respectful….

…of the space, staff, volunteers, participants, neighbors and community.  Be mindful of the volume of your voice and what you are saying. Gearin’ Up Bicycles is a space where everyone is welcome, so make sure your conversations reflect this.

Be Resourceful….

Use as few supplies that are needed, recycle as much as you can, and waste as little as possible (including time and space).  Use a used part or component first before using a new one.  Ask those around you for help or ideas in solving any problems.

Be Responsible….

Account for all tools and supplies at workstations during and after use. Notify a staff member of any missing or damaged tools or supplies from a workstation before use. Arrangements for replacements must be made immediately for any tools that are found damaged, broken or missing. Please clean up after yourself and keep work areas orderly during and after use.

Use only the tools at the station where you are working.

Ask the instructor or shop manager for use of tools needed other than those at workstations. Return tools immediately after use. Tools can not leave the shop. Use of power tools should be approved by an staff member and generally not allowed.

Need Something….Ask  if you notice that there is a part, consumable, or other item that is depleted or that we don’t have, speak with a senior staff member.

No Storage is Available. You must take any personal bicycle, parts, project and any other personal property with you.  Storage is only available for specific use and all storage must be OK’d by the shop manager. Gearin’ Up Bicycles is not responsible for any personal property left at GUB.

Do not leave personal property around or unaccounted for at Gearin’ Up Bicycles. Gearin’ Up is not responsible for any property that is left or found unattended in or around the shop.

No Bike Riding in the Shop.

Do not block doorways, halls or throughways with bicycles, projects, persons or other objects while at Gearin’ Up Bicycles. 

Wear Appropriate Clothing. Wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty while working in the shop. Closed toe shoes are required while working in the shop and must be worn at all times. 

Open toe shoes, sandals or flip flops are not allowed.

Wear safety gear when needed including safety eyewear when using power tools.

Use of the Gearin’ Up Bicycles computer, stereo and other media equipment is under the discretion of the senior staff member. Please put CDs back in their cases when finished and close out web accounts and applications after using the computer. Gearin’ Up Bicycles is not responsible for open accounts or files left on the computer.

No Personal Sales at Gearin’ Up Bicycles. All sales of parts, accessories and bicycles should be completed by the staff member in charge.

All food and packaging must be disposed of in the garbage when finished or taken with you upon leaving.

No smoking in or outside of shop

No use of controlled substances in or outside of shop

Consumer Policies:

Refund Policies for Merchandise, Used Bikes and Bike Repairs.

Refund Policy for Merchandise
-You must have the original receipt for your transaction. If you did not keep your receipt or lost it, we may be able to find your transaction in our system. If it is busy we may ask you to come back later so that we can serve you and our other customers better. We appreciate your consideration.
-Returns are accepted within 30 days of original purchase.
-Items may be exchanged for ones of equal or lesser value. If there is a difference, the difference will be issued in the form of store credit.
-Discounted items are considered final sale, unless otherwise specified.
-Items returned or exchanged must be in re-sellable condition, i.e. unworn and unused, and they must be in their original packaging. In other words, if you wouldn’t buy the item for the same price, in the condition that it is in, you can’t return it. No exceptions.
-Returns and exchanges are processed at the sole discretion of the employee processing the return.
-Large items may be subject to a 25% restocking fee. This includes but is not limited to: bikes, car racks, wheels, trainers, and baby seats.
-No returns or refunds on any of the following items: Used parts, clothing, tours (rides), labor, deposits, special order items, used bikes, or nutritional items.

Used Bicycle Return Policy
Used bicycles are sold “as is” and are not eligible for return. Used bicycles are tuned to their best condition before being sold, and are never sold with structural/critical defects. Buyers are encouraged to test ride thoroughly before purchasing.  If you notice any issues within the first 7 days from purchase, please bring the bike back for an inspection. We encourage coming back to the shop within your first 3 months of your purchase for a safety check and tune-up.

Work Order Agreement and Conditions:
-All estimates and quotes provided are subject to change. We will make every effort to contact you and inform you of any change in cost for your work order before work is completed.
-We want your bike to be perfect just as much as you do. However, sometimes things just don’t stay fixed. If a problem recurs, just come on back and we’ll see about putting it right.

-Service warranties are for 7 days after the bike is pick up.  If there is a problem with any repair performed, please bring the bike back to the shop and we will work to fix the problem.
-We cannot provide a warranty on flat fixes.
We are a small shop with limited storage space. We reserve the right to charge storage fees (up to $5 per day) on bikes that have not been picked up for 48 hours after work is completed if we have had no communication with you. Property left on the premises for more than 45 days after work is completed will be considered abandoned and will be disposed of. Please let us know if you are unable to pick up your bike! We will be as accommodating as possible.

We appreciate your business and your understanding. Thank you for supporting your Non-profit community bicycle shop!