School-Based Classes

In-School Programs

For schools that are interested in integrating the Gearin’ Up Earn-A-Bike program into the school day, our School-Based programs allow the same bicycle-based STEM curriculum to be taught in a compelling and experiential way as a part of the formal school experience. Classes typically are taught as an elective or as a gym class and last for a full semester, but can be tailored to the host school.

Afterschool Programs

A shorter camp program (typically 6-8 weeks) designed to take place on campus during or right after school, our afterschool programs supplement in-school learning and promote physical activity. Programs incorporate our Earn-A-Bike program, in which kids build up a working bike from parts while learning about how bikes work; at the end of the program, they have a bike to ride and the knowledge needed to keep it running smoothly. Specifics of the program can be tailored for the host organization.

For more information on our afterschool programs, please contact Leah Fantle at leah?