About the Shop

JUNE 10, 2021

FINAL BIKE CLEANUP- sign up here!

APRIL 29, 2021

Hey community,  

Good news: Your business and support has us 50 customer bike labor intakes deep! We are so thankful that you trust your two-wheeled friends with us in our quest to make bicycling accessible and enjoyable for every single person out there.  

Not so good news: We are putting a pause on labor intakes until we can catch up and make more room for bikes in our tiny shop. Stay tuned for an announcement about new intakes.  

Love, your Gearin’ Up team

COVID-19 Shop Hours:
12-6 PM Tuesday-Saturday

Gone Riding (Closed) Sunday-Monday

314 Randolph Place, NE
Washington, DC 20002

General and donation inquiries:


Shop inquiries: shop@gearinupbicycles.org 

Repairs: As of January 2021, all bicycle repair needs will be accepted as walk-ins during our open hours, 12-6 PM, Tues-Sat. Please wear a mask when you enter the bicycle shop. Our staff will assess your bicycle and determine if the repair can be made on the spot or if you will need to leave your bicycle behind for repair.

Refurbished Bicycle Sales:
We offer a variety of refurbished bicycles for sale that are ready to ride. Bike inventory changes frequently (about every week) and fluctuates based on demand. Our bikes range in price from $150 to $600. Due to recent thefts, we cannot post or share information about current inventory online, but we encourage you to come to our shop to test ride sale bicycles.

Parts and accessories sales:
We offer used parts and new accessories for sale in our shop! We have new and used tires, new and used wheels, and locks available for purchase to make your favorite bike safe again!

Bicycle Donations:
We welcome bicycle and part donations. Please bring them by our shop any time that we are open and we will provide you with a donation receipt for tax purposes.

Unfortunately, we are unable to pick up individual bikes for donation due to limited staff capacity. If you are hosting a bike drive, or have a large quantity of bikes to donate, please contact us at info@gearinupbicycles.org with subject line “Bike Donation”.